Hijab should be illegal

I might be in a country where most girls don't wear hijab, but this topic still seems to come up more often than I can imagine. This topic was so hot a few years ago, that you couldn't open a newspaper without getting it thrown at your face. ''Parents force their daughters to wear hijab''. Nothing was more upsetting for me and thousand other muslim girls to read. We were literally being attacked, and asked if we were forced to wear hijab and if we did force young girls to wear it. Just because most of us cover up and wear hijab, doesn't mean that we are being forced. We were told how men had more rights than us and how bad they threat us in our own religion. How do you know? Are you muslim? Do you have a husband or any muslim brothers that threats you bad? Just because we choose to wear the hijab and show less skin, you assume that we're being controlled and have no rights? I have never been forced to wear hijab. I was never forced to show less skin than other girls.
I was facinated. Facinated by the hijab at young age. I saw a woman walking down the street with hijab, and she looked so confident. She didn't care about the stares she was getting from others and she kept doing her thing. I couldn't help but stare at this beautiful woman. She looked so elegant, so modest and the hijab made her look unique. This woman was the reason why I started hijab. She don't know me and I don't know her either, but I would thank her if I knew who she was. I remember I ran back home, and tried on one of my mothers hijabs. The mirror was in front of me, and I was staring at myself for a really long time.''This is what I really want'' I thought to myself. Even though my hijab skills were low, I managed to make it look like a hijab. I was proud of myself, proud of putting the hijab on my head.''Are you sure?'' My mum asked me before I left to school. ''You're only 11, and you have alot of time, you know?'' She said again. I knew I was ready. The hijab was going to be a huge part of me right now, and I knew was going to get a lot of looks. Do you know what I remember the most about that day? A comment. While I was walking to school, a girl from high school shouted ''Who even wears an ugly hoodie in the middle of the summer!''. I was shocked. I didn't know how to react because this was the first time someone said something like this to me. Who says something like that to a little girl? I could've easily dropped the hijab and regreted, but I didn't. I kept my head up high, and remembered that I was beautiful in it no matter what everyone said and thought.

I'm proud. Proud of carrying the hijab. No one forced me, and no one forced other muslim girls to carry the hijab. We're all proud of carrying it and it doesn't make us less confident! It's a part us and our identity. Telling a muslim girl to drop her hijab, is like telling a girl to drop a piece of her on the ground. You can't simply tell a girl to quit using it, even though you wish it.
What I find truly shocking is how we are told we can decide to wear whatever we want. We have the freedom of speech, freedom to believe in whatever we want but also the freedom to decide what we want to wear. But as soon as I step out the door with a hijab, I'm judged by a million eyes. The million eyes that just told me I could wear whatever I want. When girls chose to wear less they're praised by the media, and described as strong and independent women. When muslim girls chose to show less and cover up, we're judged and told to drop it because they think the hijab represents discrimination and oppression against women. 

I'm totally okay with people having questions about how it feels like wearing hijab and I'm open to all kind of questions, but remember not to judge a person based on a piece of clothing. We're all humans, and I'm still like you and every other people you see even though I chose to wear the hijab. 

Have a blessed day x 

Favorite winter lipstick

If I had to choose a lipstick I wanted to wear for the rest of my life I would have chosen ISADORA purple pearl without thinking twice. One major reason is because of how gorgeous the color looks like on my lips. This is one of those lipstick that fits everyone no matter what skin color or under shade you might have.  Dark lipstick was never really my thing a few years ago because I could never find a dark color that suited me.  Until I one day came across this little thing. This lipstick literally changed the game for me. I've never been a big fan of dark lipsticks and I always looked kind of silly while wearing them as well.
I liked the color, bought it and never thought much of it. Then I decided to give it a try, and I'm going to be honest with you guys. At first, I hated. Nothing more or less, I just didn't think I was the right person to wear it. Which kind of made me sad, because I couldn't stop staring at pictures of girls rocking dark lipstick. Why could they rock it and look amazing, while I looked like an amateur? Eventually after some time I became even closer to the lipstick, and now nothing can separate us from each other.
The shade I own is in 105 purple pearl
I love this lipstick, and I usually think that the best time to wear dark lipstick is around fall and winter. You cannot go wrong with wearing it to a dramatic or simple makeup look, which makes this lipstick even more lovable. Normally when I'm out  buying new lipstick I always have to check if it fits my undertone and skin color,  but with this lipstick I didn't have to. Another thing I like about this lipstick is that it's hint of red color in it, which makes it causal and classy. Whenever I decide to wear it to school or work, I sometimes only use a little bit to make it seem more natural. That's the genius thing about dark lipsticks! You can either go for dramatic dark lips or more casual natural lips with a hint of color, You can't go wrong with it!!

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend and may the the coming week be amazing as well 

- What are your thoughts on dark lipsticks?

Glowy makeup look

Today I created a beautiful glowy makeup look, and I want to show you guys how to achieve this look without putting too many products or effort into recreating this. If there's one thing I love about this makeup look is how your face pops out in just a few seconds with highlighter and bronzer.
We've all heard about the famous stroking technique, and today was the day I decided to give it a try. I've seen this technique on so many celebrities and makeup artists, and it feels like both Youtube and Instagram suffers from a stroking disease which can infect people quite easy. Highlighting is something that has been favored by me for a really long time, and the fact is I never knew what difference it could give my makeup look. The normal highlighting I know is when we make the cheek  area more visible so it gives the face more glow. Stroking on the other hand is when we highlight cheek, over lips, nose tip, brow bone, sides of the head and chin. I even sometimes highlight just below the cheekbone so it define the cheekbones even more. People stroke their faces differently from person to person because we all have different bone structure, and some want to highlight features on their face that they like.
Bronzer: Body shop     Highlighter: Elf cosmetics
These two are my favorite weapons when I stroke my face, or just want a simple glow makeup look. They're both not high priced brands that will rob you for nothing, but something almost everyone can afford, and the best thing is that they're worth every penny. I first apply the bronzer, because this gives me a beautiful tan-ish color that gives you the hint of glow. The bronzer is applied to my forehead area, my cheeks and my chin. After I've applied the bronzer, I start to highlight the areas on my face that I favor the most. That includes my cheekbones, over the lip, brow bone, nose tip, forehead and chin. I know this sounds a lot and dramatic, but trust me once you apply this the result will be amazing. To those want to do this I have one quick tips, and that is don't dip your brush in too much highlighter, because you might be disappointed with the result. I just personally use a little bit on my brush, so it looks natural and doesn't come off as dramatic or too much. If you like to use a lot of highlighter, weeerk it gurl!!

With this look I mostly like to wear earthy natural colors such as brown, red brown, orange-ish lipstick. As long as it doesn't take the attention away from the skin.
I really hope you guys liked this look, and that you won't be so shy about using highlighter because it can make major differences to your makeup look, especially at summer. My advice is don't be afraid to play around with, and just explore new products and techniques that fits you.
Love Ismahan x

Best hair products that exist

Some might say they already know about the best hair products you can ever buy, but they're usually expensive and created by well known brands. I want to share with you guys an amazing brand called OGX. They have one of the best products for damaged and lifeless hair, and in only a few days your hair will gain more volume and look healthy.
I have the shampoo and the conditioner, and a day doesn't go by without me using them. When I'm showering I always look forward to using them, because I know it will repair damages in my hair and leave a wonderful smell. OGX does not only have the shampoo and the conditioner, but they also have other hair products such as oils, hair masks, intensive hair treatment, sea salt spray and many other products which I can't wait to try out! What I love about this specific brand is that each product is specialized for different types of hair such as lifeless hair ( trying to achieve more volume), damaged hair, dry hair, fatty hair and so on. Here's their website: https://ogxbeauty.com/hair/argan-oil-of-morocco/

A reason for why I cannot live without these products is that they contain the ingredient Argan oil, which explain one of the biggest reasons for why I'm obsessed with OGX. Argan oil is proven to make hair softer and silkier, and works great as a hair conditioner. Argan contains linoleix and omega-6 fatty acid, and this means that the hair will stay happy and beautiful.
Since I wear hijab ( Basically cover my hair) I can't unfortunately show you the results, but I found a picture which shows before and after the use of organ oil shampoo and conditioner, and I'm amazed by the results. I'm still kind of new to the brand even though I've been using it for months, because I yet have so much to explore and test.

I love, love my hair products and I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that it's worth the price. I hope you're all having a wonderful week, and remember to smile :)

H&M: Rose reverie body scrub

Are you looking for a cheap and quality body scrub, but can't seem to find the perfect one? Then let me present to you one of my favorite drugstore/ cheap body scrubs that has a special place in my bathroom. I'm one of those people that have a hard time finding body scrubs, not necessarily because I'm trying to avoid really cheap products, but because I have a sensitive skin which forces me to look for products that fits my skin type. The other day I went to HM to look for some scrubs, and I came across this scrub. What caught my attention was the text ''mild exfoliator with rice + olive granules. This text and the cute way the body scrub was presented convinced me to eventually purchase this item.
This scrub must be one of my all time favorites. Trust me I've tried a lot of body scrubs both amazing and horrible ones, but this one surprised me the most. I never thought this one would become one of my favorite skin care products. While I still have the conditioner in my hair, I always use this scrub to exfoliate dead skin and open clogged pores. Believe me, this amazing scrub has a special place in my shower routine and it probably will for a while. Once you apply this body scrub on your skin your nose will be hit by a wonderful vanilla smell, which will still smell after you've showered and put on clothes. One of my favorite things about this body scrub is the fact that it has rice and olive granules in it. Rice will help you brighten and even your skin tone, while the olive granules will make sure that your skin is not dry as the dessert once you get out the shower.
I love this product, and I don't regret buying it. The body scrub is nothing heavy and it's easy to apply it on. One thing I personally suggest for a better effect from this product is scrub gloves. Once you discover those magic gloves, your skin will shine and glow more than ever before. You can get the gloves for almost no price at Ebay or Amazon

I hope you're all having a great day and enjoying yourself!

Green smoothie

Today I decided I wanted to show you guys how I make my power drink to function throughout the
day. We all hear about the famous green smoothie, but what does it really contain? I recently started drinking green smoothie because of the healthy benefits I can get from it. If you search for green smoothie you won't find the same recipe, because there's so many different green smoothies\drinks you can make. 

As you can see above, these are the ingredients I use to make my own ''green smoothie''. Notice that most of us already have these ingredients in the fridge. Nothing fancy here that you need to pay a lot of money for just to make a smoothie. When I put the spinach in my mixer I take up to 10 leaves, squeeze half a lime and take some cucumber inside ( depending on how thick you want the smoothie to be). Last, but not least I finish the smoothie of with water. I take cold, fresh water and regulate how much I want.

This super drink takes only 5 minutes to make if not less, and it's delicious! What's even better is that there's alot of health benefits associated with the green smoothie. 
  • More energy
  • Improves skin (such as acne and reducing wrinkles)
  • The smoothie fill you up
  • Improves your immunity
  • Easy to digest
Hope you enjoy this drink, and get the power you need to start your day!
Good luck

Glamorous vampy makeup look

Today I decided to create a glamorous vampy makeup look. I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and I was finally able to create to this gorgeous look. Since it's fall and the summer is now forgotten we're going for the darker and more vampy looks. This includes dark lipsticks, stronger eyeliner and a few shades darker eyeshadow. It's super fun to stand in the bathroom and blend the colors together till you get the perfect eyeshadow that fits you! Who said you only have to use eyeshadow? For this look I actually first used dark lipliners to get a color I liked and then eyeshadow afterwards. There's no rules for what you can use for where. There's no specific formula that you have to stress over following. Do what feels like you! The shades of dark lipsticks are infinite, and I'm sure you'll find the one that you will fall in love with.
As you can see above I'm obsessed with warm colored eyeliners. It's sexy and creates a mystic look with both warm and cold colored eyeshadows. If you have seen my previous posts, I wore this look to a birthday party, and I simply loved it. It was different, and something I would try again!